AAP Celebration in Delhi
AAP Celebration in Delhi

The Aam Aadmi Party’s grand sweep to power in Delhi – in less than two years after being number two – is a clear indication that impatient voters have soaring expectations.

If those expectations are not quickly fulfilled, disillusionment is likely to be as quick. Although Delhi is India’s richest urban area with the best infrastructure in the country, there are deep, difficult problems that face the world’s second-most populous city.

Here are seven issues that the new AAP government will have to urgently address – unless it wants to be the focus of disillusionment next time. 1. Healthcare: With 60% of Delhi’s population earning less than Rs 13,500 a month, it is evident they cannot afford expensive private hospitals. Official data reveal that the number of available beds in Delhi government and central government hospitals has declined by 8% and 47%, respectively over three years. On the other hand, availability of beds in private hospitals has increased by 36% in the past five years. More..


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