Is our Indianness so fragile?

Flag Seller

While the world unashamedly splashes its patriotism across bikinis, bandanas and other pieces of clothing, India’s democracy goes up in arms whenever the national flag is flaunted.

Don’t ape the West: In the US, the bar for alleged desecration is particularly high – a protestor can even burn the flag in public. TOI Online reader Uday Pillani in Kano, however, felt it is wrong to copy the Americans. “We have a different set of values and culture. We even worship stones and trees as a part of our faith. Leave the Indian Tricolour alone if it offends sensibilities.”

“The tricolour is revered by Indians of all backgrounds,” said Krishnan Unni Madathil from Manchester, UK. “It may be OK in USA and other western countries, but for the majority of Indians the national flag is more like a symbol of Mother India than an expression of unabashed brashness. So, it is best if the ‘liberals’ in our society turn down their rhetoric.” read full article

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