Lal Mahammad is a self taught photographer born and brought up in West Bengal and now based in New Delhi.

Mahammad has been worked for few newspaper and online web portal.

Mahammad started his career in BPO Industry, his interest in camera got the better of him and he started to learn photography on his own. Today he has more than 2 and half years of experience in various genres of photography. Since Mahammad was in love with the art of photography, he tried to learn and excel at everything he could. Today, he clicked almost everything for his work in Landscapes, People, Fashion, Wedding, Street Life and Photojournalism.

Though Mahammad learnt mostly on digital format, his photography ethos are quite old school, Since childhood, Mahammad been attracted to nature and used to paint and sketch which now has converted into a passion of Photography. He believes in the power of composition, romance of monochrome and the play of perspectives.

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